OA Dr. med. univ. Markus Marcher

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OA Dr. med. univ. Markus Marcher


Thoracic Surgery,General Practitioner


Professional background

  • 1997 - 2004- Studied medicine at the University of Vienna
  • 2004- Completed the doctoral dissertation to Dr. med. univ. in Vienna
  • 2005 - 2008- General Practitioner Education
  • 2008- successfully passed the general practitioner examination
  • 2008- Diploma in Emergency Medicine
  • Since 2008- Lecturer in the Postgraduate Sophos Institute in Vienna
  • 2008 - 2013- Thoracic surgeon education
  • since 2010 Lecturer at the Medical University of Vienna
  • 2013- successfully passed the Thoracic surgeon examination
  • 2013- Chief Physician of the Department of Thoracic Surgery in Otto Wagner Hospital Vienna
  • 2013- opening of the private Thoracic surgeon ordination
  • 2014- Attending physician in Rudolfinerhaus Private Hospital
  • 2014- Attending physician in Evangelical Hospital Vienna
  • 2015- Consultant thoracic surgeon at the AUVA trauma hospital Lorenz Böhler Vienna
  • 2015- Consultant thoracic surgeon in the Evangelical Hospital Vienna
  • 2019- Chief Physician in KH Nord - Klinik Floridsdorf


As a specialist in thoracic surgery, I would be happy to advise you on the latest treatment methods and surgical procedures.



In addition to my expertise in lung surgery, I am also available to answer any questions you may have about general practice.


OA Dr. med. univ. Markus Marcher

Currently further education at national and international symposiums and congresses

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