Prim. Dr. Georg Gaul

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Prim. Dr. Georg Gaul

  • Internist
  • Cardiologist
  • Interventional Cardiologist

Georg Gaul, MD, FESC - as internal specialist and cardiologist - offers you medical experience of more than 40 years

I was head of a big cardiological center in Vienna for almost 20 years. In this position i had to deal - and to heal - almost the whole array of illnesses of internal medicine with emphasis on cardiological problems.

Since my scholarship at the Cleveland Clinic in 1986, my main focus was interventional cardiology. For more than 10 years i have been an internationally acknowledged teacher for interventional cardiology almost all around the world.



1971 Doctorate in Dr. med.univ. at the University of Vienna.

From 1972 to 2012 doctor in the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna, heart station (2nd medical department)

Since 1980 ordination in the 9th district in Vienna, Mariannengasse 24 / II / 6

From 1995-2012 Primarius of the 2nd med. Department, installation of a psychosomatic outpatient clinic in the context of acute cardiology [only in Austria], promotion of interventional cardiology

Since 2012 in private practice, attending physician in private hospitals in Vienna, especially in Rudolfinerhaus



Since 2002 international teacher of technology of rotational atherectomy and intravascular ultrasound theory and practice in Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, UAE, India, Kyrgyzstan and China.

Since 2004 head [since 2012 co-leader] of theoretical and practical workshops in rotational atherectomy and intravascular ultrasound in the Hanusch Hospital



  • 2000-2006 Member of the board of the Austrian Society for Cardiology [ÖKG]
  • 2002-2003 President of the ÖKG
  • 2003-2012 Lecturer for cardiology at the Medical University of Vienna
  • 2005-2007 Head of the “Interventional Cardiology” working group at the ÖKG
  • Since 2009 member of the "European Association for Percutaneous Intervention" elected head of the European Rotational Club
  • Since 2011 head of "EuRotaClub"


  • Over 200 lectures at national and international level
  • Over 200 scientific papers and abstracts as first or co-author

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