Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Höltl

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Höltl


Medical Specialist in Urology, FEBU

  • Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Urological Cancer Operations
  • Other Urological Disorders

Overview of Services

  • Ultrasound (sonography)
  • Endoscopic urological diagnosis (cystoscopy)
  • Prostate biopsy
  • Screening for prostate cancer
  • Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Tumor surgery (kidney, adrenal gland, bladder, prostate, testes, penis)
  • Transurethral resection of the prostate and bladder
  • Ureterorenoscopic treatment of kidney and ureteral stones
  • Testicular, penile and groin surgery
  • Vasectomies

Specialist in Urological Oncology

Dr. Wolfgang Höltl has been specializing in urology for over 30 years. Both at his practice in Vienna’s 19th district and at Vienna’s Rudolfinerhaus private clinic, his knowledge and many years of experience lets patients receive the most modern urological diagnosis and therapy. His core competence lies in surgical oncology (prostate, bladder, kidney, testicular and penile cancer). As a urological specialist in cancer diseases, he has already performed over 2,000 radical prostatectomies among other things.



Dr. Wolfgang Höltl, born January 19, 1948 in Vienna

1954 -1958 Schwechat Elementary School

1958 -1966 Realgymnasium Vienna 1, Stubenbastei 6-8

1966 - 1972 Study of Human Medicine, University of Vienna

Awarded degree of Doctor of Medicine on July 13, 1972

Sept. 1972 Started internship at the Rudolfstiftung Hospital

Sept. 1972 - Jan. 1973: Urology

Jan 1973 - Apr. 1974: Surgery

Apr 1974 - June 1974: Gynecology

July 1974 - Oct. 1978: Training to practice as a urology specialist

May 1979 Appointed Senior Physician

1978 - 1981 Representing Head Physician Pum at the Wiener Neustadt Hospital

1984, 1989 Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York: Urologic Oncology Training Prof. Whitmore, Prof. Fair

1988 Baylor College Houston OP- practicing under Prof. Scardino

1988 - 1990 Teaching at the Rudolfstiftung Nursing School

1989, 1990 Representing Prof. Zingg on the Inselspital Bern Clinic Board

1991 Venia Docendi (Teaching License) in Urology

1991 European Specialist Examination (Fellow of the European Board of Urology: FEBU)

1991 Appointed National Coordinator of EORTC-GU Group for Austria

1991 Management course at Hernstein Institute

1991 Lectured on "Surgical Anatomy of the Inguinal Region Emphasizing Specifically the Hernia"

1991 Appointed Chairman of the Urological Oncology Working Group (AUO)

Since 1991 Medical Consultant for Urological Trauma at Lorenz Böhler Trauma Hospital

Dec. 1991 Appointed to the Executive Board of the Department of Urology, Emperor Franz Josef Hospital

1992-2001 Urological Oncology Working Group at DGU

Superficial Bladder 1992-2000 Subcommittee of the EORTC

1994 Director of the Urology Curriculum at the European School of Urology (ESU)

Feb. 1997 Appointed Professor of Urology

1998-1999 President of the Austrian Society of Urology

1991-2013 Executive Board of the Department of Urology, Emperor Franz Josef Hospital

1997-2014 Scientific Director of the Urocyclicum annual postgraduate advanced education program



  • Austrian Society of Urology and Andrology (ÖGU)
  • Urological Oncology Working Group of the ÖGU
  • German Society of Urology (DGU)
  • American Urological Association (AUA)
  • European Association of Urology (EAU)
  • Societe Internationale D`Urologie

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