Doz. Dr. Johannes Grisar

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Doz. Dr. Johannes Grisar


Specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology


SERVICES: Rheumatology

  • Examination of rheumatism state
  • Joint and Muscular Assessment and examination
  • Consideration of a treatment plan if necessary with disease modifying therapy
  • Longtime treatment plan for patients with rheumatic diseases
  • Therapy of Osteoporosis
  • Pain Therapy
  • Infiltration therapy
  • Infusion therapy

SERVICES: Internal Medicine

  • Internal medicine examination
  • Preventive medicine examination
  • Hypertension treatment
  • Diabetes therapy
  • Internal medicine support before and after surgical interventions

About me

University of Vienna, Medical School

Rheumatology lab, General Hospital Vienna

2000-2007: Specialisation in Internal Medicine, Medical University Vienna

2007-2009: Subspecialisation in Rheumatology

2009: Teaching thesis in Internal Medicine

2009-2012: Erwin Schrödinger fellowship/fellowship of the American Arthritis Foundation, Stanford School of Medicine, Division of Immunology and Rheumatology, California, USA

2012-02/2013: Return to the Division of Rheumatology, Medical University Vienna

03/13-11/17: Senior physician at the 2nd Department of Rheumatology/Osteology & Gastroeneterology, KH Barmherzige Schwestern (St. Vincent Hospital) and Rheumazentrum Oberlaa

since 11/17: Head of the Rheumatology outpatient Department Sanatorium Hera

since 2012 private practice in the 9th and 19th district, Vienna


Honors and Awards

  • 2004: 1st Poster Price of the Austrian Society for Rheumatology
  • 2005: Scientific Price of the “Erste Österreichische Sparkasse”
  • 2007: Poster Price of the Austrian Society for Rheumatology
  • 2008: Wyeth Scientific Price of the Austrian Society for Rheumatology
  • 2008: Billroth-Price of the Viennese Doctor’s Association
  • 2009: Erwin-Schrödinger Fellowship Award of the Austrian Scientific Fund
  • 2011: Fellowship of the American Arthritis Foundation


Several lectures on national and international conferences


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