Professor Dr. Christoph Reisser

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Professor Dr. Christoph Reisser


HNO-Operationen von Ihrem Spezialisten aus Wien

As an experienced ear, nose and throat specialist and a specialist in ENT surgery, I am the physician of your choice when it comes to dealing with all your concerns about surgery. Whether it is about surgery of the larynx or about deafness or snoring issues, many problems can be solved as long as the cause was diagnosed correctly.

  • Former Director of the ENT Department at "Hanuschkrankenhaus der WGKK"
  • Former Medical Director of "Evangelisches Krankenhaus Wien" (Protestant Hospital Vienna)

ENT Surgery

  • ENT surgery of the larynx / Adam's apple in Vienna
    Most diseases of the larynx cause hoarseness and other voice changes.
  • Nasal surgery in Vienna by your ENT specialist
    Surgery to improve breathing such as functional operations of the nasal septum or operations on the turbinates (nasal conchae) are carried out through the nostrils.
  • Use of laser – modern ENT surgery methods in Vienna
    The CO2 laser is used in the tumour surgery on the pharynx and larynx to avoid any external damages of the neck.
  • ENT surgery in Vienna in case of bad hearing problems
    In the middle ear and in the inner ear all technically feasible operations of hearing improvement and also the implantation of hearing aids can be performed.
  • Cosmetic ENT surgery / facial surgery / ear correction / eyelid surgery in Vienna
    Cosmetic changes of the shape of the nose usually coincide with problems of the function of the nose. (Treatment of nasal obstruction can be combined with cosmetic changes).
  • Resolve your snoring problem with an ENT surgery in Vienna
    Snoring usually develops in nocturnal mouth breathing caused by vibrations in the throat or gullet. If weight loss and sleep hygiene have been unsuccessful, the nasal breathing is improved or normalized (nasal septum correction, reduction of the turbinates) by the ENT surgery. The normalization of nasal breathing also eliminates the annoying nocturnal dry mouth.
  • ENT operations on salivary glands in Vienna
    Tumours of the major salivary glands (parotid, submandibular or sublingual gland) can occasionally become malignant and should be surgically removed as soon as possible.
  • ENT surgery of the tear ducts in Vienna
    Tears running down the cheek may be caused by narrowed or scarred lacrimal ducts as a result of inflammation in the nose or tear ducts.

Dr. Christoph Reisser in Vienna otolaryngology for children

As an otolaryngologist for children I pay special attention to the diseases and problems of my young patients. In extensive interviews with the children themselves as well as with their parents I do my best to diagnose the problems and to determine the right treatment.

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