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Dr. Peri Bergmann-Caucig


Dermatology,Genereal Dermatology,Allergies,Operative Dermatology,Childhood Illnesses




Dr. Bergmann-Caucig studied medicine at the University of Vienna and began her

education as a medical specialist in dermatology at the university clinic in Mainz,

Germany. In 2009 she completed her education at the University Clinic of Berlin,

“Charité”, under the supervision of Professor Stery. In addition to gaining clinical

experience with patients during her basic scientific research she also participated in

numerous scientific studies and leading international conferences.

On Dr. Bergmann-Caucig’s return to Vienna, she opened her private clinical practice as a

dermatologist, which she is modernizing and expanding since then.

Dr. Bergmann-Caucig has a wide breadth of medical experience as a private dermatologist

and is also affiliated doctor in Rudolfinerhaus Private Hospital in Vienna’s prestigious

19th district.



Our goal is improvement of your skin through safe and modern medical cosmetics.

Through the latest and efficient treatments we aim to enhance the natural beauty of your


By analysing your skin through a specialist device, we can eliminate any subjective

perceptions and deliver an objective analysis. In a consultation with you afterwards we

will concentrate together on the most relevant medical cosmetic options for your skin.


Your skin is unique as you are! We respect this fact and before undertaking any treatment

through our competent, fully trained and enthusiastic skincare professionals we will

discuss individual treatment options and skin programs with you. Therefore your skincare

program corresponds to your unique requirements.


Your skin is your visiting card! A beautiful complexion not only increases your self-

confidence but also your sense of well-being which in turn highlights your natural beauty.