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Dr. Lukas Brandner

  • Specialist in trauma surgery
  • Specialist in minimally invasive knee and shoulder surgery
  • Specialist in sports and joint quality
  • Emergency doctor
  • Founder and medical director of Sportmedic



Dr. Brandner is an expert when it comes to  minimally invasive injuries of sports and fracture treatments.

Another focus relies on the treatment of meniscus and cruciate ligament injuries.

Due to his expertise, Dr Lukas is a medical consultant for many professional athletes and national teams


Dr. Brandner is team doctor of:

  • Austrian Ski Association
  • Beach volleyball vice world champion Doppler / Horst
  • National beach volleyball team
  • Vienna's capitals
  • National volleyball team
  • Badminton national team
  • Various football clubs and much more



Range of services

  • Clinical examination, diagnostics (MRI, CT, X-ray, laboratory ...
  • Therapy, operations are carried out in the Rudolfinerhaus private hospital
  • Knee (cruciate ligament, meniscus, cartilage, deformity, arthrosis ...)
  • Shoulder (instability, rotator cuff, impingement, SLAP ...)
  • Hand (nerve congestion syndrome, tendon pull, overloads, arthrosis ...)
  • Cancellation (hallux, hammer toe, achilles tendon problems, arthrosis, malpositions ...)
  • Hip (arthrosis, impingement ...)
  • Ankle (impingement, osteoarthritis, instance ...)
  • Broken bones (surgical and conservative treatment)
  • Internal medicine, cardiology (cardiac ultrasound, EKG ...)
  • Traditional medical medicine
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Physiotherapy and Osteopathy