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Ao. Univ.Prof. Dr. Stefan Winkler


• Inflammation, also with interdisciplinary assessment / diagnosis and therapy


• All infections

• Lyme disease

• Clarification / assessment of unclear physical complaints

• Tropical medicine



has worked for many years as senior physician at the department of Infections and Tropical Medicine at the University Clinic for Internal Medicine I in the Vienna General Hospital. His work is characterized by many years of clinical experience in all areas of internal medicine with  focus on infections, inflammatory diseases and a wide variety of febrile conditions. Here he aims to carry out a  diagnostic clarification in order to avoid unnecessary and possibly risky examinations and therapies.

In order to increase the diagnostic and therapeutic certainty, Prof. Winkler in some cases takes a very conscious step towards interdisciplinary consideration of the patient's complaints, which is guaranteed by the Operngasse medical community. The patient is the focus of the efforts of experienced, long-term clinically active specialists from the most important areas of internal medicine, such as hematology / oncology (Prim. Prof. Leopold Öhler), as well as rheumatology (Doz. Daniel Aletaha).


As a doctor he places great importance to a detailed medical history ("anamnesis") and an accurate clinical examination. Based on this, further diagnostic or therapeutic steps are carried out if necessary. Often, however, a clear picture of the causes of the complaints emerges after a single conversation or after discussing existing findings. This interpretation of the findings requires a great deal of clinical experience, which Prof. Winkler has acquired through his work in laboratory medicine and in collaboration with many other medical disciplines. Findings on borrelia, chlamydia, other infectious agents as well as on various immunological and inflammation-related parameters are typical examples of this. For an infectiologist with experience in tropical medicine, this also includes illnesses that acquired while traveling or are less common in our latitudes (from malaria, dengue, various parasitosis to familial ones