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Visit the doctor online

Visit the doctor online

We provide a patient with a translator for contact with a doctor

The most convenient way to get comprehensive information on the diagnosis and to ask the best doctors from the European School of Medicine any question you might have in relation to health, is by online counselling.


Which doctors do we work with?

We collaborate with doctors from the University Clinic Vienna, which is the largest medical facility in Austria as well as with many well-known clinics of the country such as Rudolfinerhaus, Döbling and Privatklinic Confraternität. Therefore we will find an expert for you in every field:


• Surgery in various areas, including plastic and reconstructive

• Oncology, Radiology

• Cardiology

• Gynaecology

• Nephrology, Urology

• Gastroenterology

• Endocrinology

• Ophthalmology and others


While sending the request, you can choose the doctor and the desired date. You will be offered several available options. This is due to the high workload of the specialists. For a comfortable work organization, we have to plan the time of the consultations in advance.


Tariffs to choose from

• Online Doctor 30 +/- 10 minutes-without a translator-269€

• Online Doctor 30 +/- 10 minutes with a translator -304€


How many files and documents can I upload?

  • The User is entitled to upload at most 2 (two) MRI/CT series or 5 (five) RTG (Röntgen, X-ray) images and at most 1 (one) set of medical documents (for example blood test results).
  • The platform can accept more MRI/CT series, RTG images or medical documents for an additional fee.



How do I get advice?

• Step 1. Choose an area of expertise

• Step 2. Select a doctor from the list

• Step 3. Choose three dates that suit you

• Step 4. Find the tariff you want

• Step 5. If you already have a medical report in German, download it

• Step 6. Send


The appointments you have chosen will be sent to the doctor. He/She will confirm one of them or suggest three alternatives from which you can choose.


What to do if you have not found the doctor you are looking for?

If you want to contact a particular doctor who is not on our list of doctors, contact us using the feedback form, we will solve the problem!


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